New Faces at CHES
New Faces at CHES
Posted on 09/26/2016

We welcome two new faces at CHES,
Ms. Jessea Waterfield and
Ms. Sarah Greene!  

Let's Get to Know Ms. Jessea Waterfield 

"I will graduate from East Carolina University in December of this year, and will hold a degree in Elementary Education with a concentration in Reading. I am so grateful to have grown up on the beautiful Hatteras Island, and attended both Cape Hatteras Elementary and Secondary School. I grew up learning from some of the greatest teachers in this very same school, and I am thankful I now get to continue learning from them in a new capacity as I pursue my dreams of becoming a teacher. Having the opportunity to be a positive influence in the lives of young children on a daily basis is the fire behind my passion for why I want to be a teacher. I could not imagine a career more honorable than that of encouraging, educating, and supporting the children who represent the future of our country, and I am thrilled beyond words that I soon get to spend the rest of my life doing each of those things. In addition to everything that I've already learned in my short time of student teaching, my absolute favorite part of this experience so far has been all of the smiles, hugs, and exclamations of, "Miss Jessea!!" that I receive from the students on a daily basis."

Let's Get to Know Ms. Sarah Greene:

"I grew up in Clarksville, VA, "Virginia's Only Lakeside Town," as the child of a Math teacher. Clarksville is a quaint little tobacco town located on the VA/NC border. After graduating from college, I moved to Hatteras and have lived here for 11 years.
I attended Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA where I obtained a BS in Marketing Management and a master's in Education. I have experience teaching middle/high school Marketing, middle school Math and high school Math for NCVPS. After long-term substituting in an EC position and then working as an EC assistant, I soon came to realize my interest in working with students with special needs. I am currently certified in Marketing, Math, Science, and EC. 
I am very excited to be a part of CHES and enjoy working with such amazing teachers and students, in such a beautiful place!"