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A small cloud growing in the Atlantic under the right conditions, supporting currents, and pathways will grow into a tropical storm and given further development; a mighty Hurricane.  You may wonder why I’m speaking about weather phenomenon on my page on our school website.  It’s simple.  I see this chain of events much like our Hatteras Island children’s educational pathway.

Our communities, Hatteras, Frisco, Buxton, Avon, and the Tri-villages, support our children in many ways from their very beginnings.  Upon arrival at Cape Hatteras Elementary as a “Tropical Storm”, our students are given educational direction and support to develop and grow.  They move along the educational pathway arriving at the next level, Cape Hatteras Secondary School as a “Hurricane”.  Once finished at CHSS, our Hatteras Island students are ready to blow into the world and make landfall—a Category 5 with all the strength needed to succeed.

It is my belief that as an administrator at Cape Hatteras Elementary, it is my charge to provide a safe, learning environment where the culture of the school is one of teaching, learning, and confidence building.  Famous Playwright, David Hare, wrote, “Thought is the wind; knowledge is the sail.”  At CHES, our students learn to think.  Using knowledge gained to set sail confidently into their futures with the courage to weather any storm. 

So, welcome to Cape Hatteras Elementary, Home of the Tropical Storms.  Sail on in; it’s a safe, warm harbor.

Diane Waldrep Brown

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