Student Code of Conduct Online
Student Code of Conduct Online
The 2015-2016 Student Code of Conduct can be found here in English and here in Spanish.  All students should return the following pages to their homeroom teacher.  (Note: These are the page numbers for the electronic copy linked above, not the page numbers listed at the bottom of each form.)
  • Acknowledgement of Receipt (p. 40)
  • Acceptable Use of Internet (p. 48)
  • Student E-Mail Parent Permission Form (p. 50) - Grades 2-5 only
  • The Dare County Schools Student Laptop Agreement Form (p. 56) does not need to be returned.  It is for Grades 9-12 only.

Some students may also need to return the following pages:

  • Medication Consent Form (p. 63)
  • Medical History Update (p. 65)
  • Pages regarding Policy 4326 (pp. 99-105) do not need to be returned.  They are for Grades 7-12 only.